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GEOGRAFIJA Italija vodniki

Three days in Trieste
Five itineraries in and around town

Corinna Opara

April 2016

Založnik o knjigi

This guide is intended to spark an interest in colourful pathways and entice your curiosity with a number of suggestions. We hope to entertain you as well with the subtle charm of things past, reprinting an old tourist guide written by four citizens of Trieste who contributed to the successful growth ot its harbour, economy and culture. The antique style of their original English translation evokes an atmosphere that still exists today.
The antique side of the book, Three days at Trieste (1858), recalls the golden age of the town, reborn under the patronage of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg monarcy. It praises the efficient blend, concocted “as if by magic rivalry”, of public and private investment, thanks to Trieste’s well-educated elite, passionate in its civic engagement, working for profit but always keen on the growth of all social classes, and constantly aware that even for the wealthy it is much easier to prosper in a healthy urban environment.

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Cobiss ID: 3754411
Avtor: Corinna Opara
Cobiss naslov: Three days in Trieste : five itineraries in and around town / Corinna Opara ; photos by Neva Gasparo ; [English translation by Piero Budinich]
Postavitev: GEOGRAFIJA Italija vodniki
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2013
Založništvo: Trieste : Beit, cop. 2013
Fizični: 132, 127 str. : ilustr., zvd. ; 17 cm