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The Wiley Blackwell…

J. Treas in drugi avtorji

Marec 2015

Založnik o knjigi

The Wiley Blackwell companion to the sociology of families

Written by an international team of experts, this comprehensive volume investigates modern-day family relationships, partnering, and parenting set against a backdrop of rapid social, economic, cultural, and technological change.

Covers a broad range of topics, including social inequality, parenting practices, children’s work, changing patterns of citizenship, multi-cultural families, and changes in welfare state protection for families. Includes many European, North American and Asian examples written by a team of experts from across five continents. Features coverage of previously neglected groups, including immigrant and transnational families as well as families of gays and lesbians. Demonstrates how studying social change in families is fundamental for understanding the transformations in individual and social life across the globe. Extensively reworked from the original Companion published over a decade ago: three-quarters of the material is completely new, and the remainder has been comprehensively updated.

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Cobiss ID: 14646326
Avtor: J. Treas in drugi avtorji
Cobiss naslov: The Wiley Blackwell companion to the sociology of families / edited by Judith Treas, Jacqueline Scott, and Martin Richards
Postavitev: SOCIOLOGIJA splošno
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2014
Založništvo: Chichester : Wiley Blackwell, 2014
Fizični: XXIII, 574 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm