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FILM teorija

The art of movie storyboards

Fionnuala Halligan

Maj 2014

Visualising the action of the world’s greatest films

Založnik o knjigi

The unsung heroes of film, storyboard artists are the first to give vision to a screenplay, translating words on the page into shots for the screen.

Their work is a unique art form in itself. Many storyboards are beautiful in their own right, but ultimately the skill of the artist lies in their visual communication of a script, with multiple factors to consider: composition, movement, camera angles, special effects, and the rhythm and pacing of a scene.

The Art of Movie Storyboards celebrates this art, showcasing a vast collection of storyboards in a range of styles, and including some of cinema’s greatest moments. The collection includes the work of pioneers such as William Cameron Menzies (Gone with the Wind) and Saul Bass (Psycho, Spartacus), as well as contemporaries such as Raúl Monge (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Jane Clark (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Many are seen here for the first time, and all are accompanied by insights into the films featured, their directors, and, of course, the storyboard artists.

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Cobiss ID: 14326838
Avtor: Fionnuala Halligan
Cobiss naslov: The art of movie storyboards : visualising the action of the world's greatest films / Fionnuala Halligan
Postavitev: FILM teorija
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2013
Založništvo: Lewes : Ilex, 2013
Fizični: 240 str. : ilustr. ; 29 cm