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GLASBA teorija

Performing rites
Evaluating popular music

Simon Frith

Junij 2014

Založnik o knjigi

Who’s better? Billie Holiday or P.J. Harvey? Blur or Oasis? Dylan or Keats? And how many friendships have ridden on the answer? Such questions aren’t merely the stuff of fanzines and idle talk; they inform our most passionate arguments, distil our most deeply held values, make meaning of our ever-changing culture. In Performing Rites, one of the most influential writers on popular music asks what we talk about when we talk about music. What’s good, what’s bad? What’s high, what’s low? Why do such distinctions matter? Instead of dismissing emotional response and personal taste as inaccessible to the academic critic, Simon Frith takes these forms of engagement as his subject and discloses their place at the very centre of the aesthetics that structure our culture and colour our lives.

Oxford University Press – več o knjigi


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Cobiss ID: 22589277
Avtor: Simon Frith
Cobiss naslov: Performing rites : evaluating popular music / Simon Frith
Postavitev: GLASBA teorija
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2002
Založništvo: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002, cop. 1996
Fizični: VIII, 352 str. ; 24 cm