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MATEMATIKA učbeniki visoke šole

Maths for science

Sally Jordan, ...

December 2013

Založnik o knjigi

Maths for Science overturns these misconceptions by providing a confidence-boosting overview of essential mathematical skills and techniques. With examples and practice problems throughout, it shows in a clear, unintimidating style why maths is so important to the study of science, and encourages you to develop the essential skills for yourself.

Building from the foundations of maths – numbers, fractions, and units and scales of measurement – the book leads you through a range of widely-used skills and concepts, including the handling of equations, logarithms, and the essentials of differentiation, probability and statistics, to provide a complete course of essential maths for science.

Oxford University Press, več o knjigi

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Cobiss ID: 14174518
Avtor: Sally Jordan, ...
Cobiss naslov: Maths for science / Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross and Pat Murphy
Postavitev: MATEMATIKA učbeniki visoke šole
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2013
Založništvo: Oxford : Oxford University Press, cop. 2013
Fizični: 401 str. : ilustr. ; 27 cm