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If I only had time

Evald Flisar

April 2014

Založnik o knjigi

Lost in the imaginary landscapes of novels and films, 22-year-old Simon Bebler learns that he is terminally ill and has at best a year to live. Now the young student wants to cram everything life has to offer into this radically reduced lifespan. Inclined to see himself in the roles of fictional heroes, he begins to live out all the stories he has read or seen on film and experience every mental and physical state a man can experience-good and bad, moral and immoral. He refuses to die feeling he has been robbed of life, so he decides to enact it with real dramatic suspense.

But once the drama is set up, it quickly escapes his control and he is faced with the question of whether he can remain the hero of his adventures or sooner or later become their victim. He finds himself amidst unusual happenings in New York where he meets extraordinary people, among them Al Pacino, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman … Are they real or simply doppelgängers? The narrative merry-go-round of this philosophical thriller poses questions faster than Flisar’s characters can handle, let alone answer …

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Cobiss ID: 270456832
Avtor: Evald Flisar
Cobiss naslov: If I only had time / Evald Flisar ; translated from the Slovene by David Limon
Postavitev: ANGLEŠČINA romani
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2013
Založništvo: Norman : Texture Press, 2013 (printed in the United States of America)
Fizični: 279 str. ; 22 cm