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ZDRAVJE medicina


Uredila: Guy Orchard, Brian Nation

December 2013

Založnik o knjigi

Histopathology describes the processes and practices that are central to the role of the histopathology biomedical scientist, from pre-sampling to diagnosis to laboratory management.

An understanding of the physiology of cells and tissue is vital to the successful identification of clinical conditions and, as such, this book begins by laying out the key features of both and their significance for diagnosis. But histopathology relies heavily on optical technology, and microscopy is covered in detail from fixation, through staining to light and electron imaging methods.

Oxford University Press, več o knjigi

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Cobiss ID: 67967745
Avtor: Uredila: Guy Orchard, Brian Nation
Cobiss naslov: Histopathology / edited by Guy Orchard, Brian Nation
Postavitev: ZDRAVJE medicina
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2012
Založništvo: Oxford [etc.] : Oxford University Press, cop. 2012
Fizični: 396 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm