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ETNOLOGIJA oblačilna kultura

Fashion theory
An introduction

Malcolm Barnard

Januar 2015

Založnik o knjigi

Fashion is both big business and big news. From models’ eating disorders and sweated labour to the glamour of a new season’s trends, statements and arguments about fashion and the fashion industry can be found in every newspaper, consumer website and fashion blog. Books which define, analyse and explain the nature, production and consumption of fashion in terms of one theory or another abound. But what are the theories that run through all of these analyses, and how can they help us to understand fashion and clothing?

Routledge – več o knjigi

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Cobiss ID: 14579766
Avtor: Malcolm Barnard
Cobiss naslov: Fashion theory : an introduction / Malcolm Barnard
Postavitev: ETNOLOGIJA oblačilna kultura
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2014
Založništvo: London ; New York : Routledge, 2014
Fizični: VII, 235 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm