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Energy systems and sustainability

Edited by Bob Everett

December 2013

Power for a sustainable future

Založnik o knjigi

How can we provide clean, safe, sustainable energy supplies for the world despite rising population levels and increasing economic development? Today, energy and sustainability are of primary concern and form the focus of this book and its companion volume, Renewable Energy.

Interdisciplinary in its approach and global in its perspective, this book provides a contemporary exploration of the economic, social, environmental, and policy issues raised by current systems of energy use, as well as describing their key physical and engineering features. The historical evolution of the world’s energy systems, the principles underlying their use, and their present status and future prospects are analysed, while emphasizing the important issue of sustainability.

Oxford University Press, več o knjigi

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Cobiss ID: 10216276
Avtor: Edited by Bob Everett
Cobiss naslov: Energy systems and sustainability : power for a sustainable future / edited by Bob Everett ... [et al.]
Postavitev: TEHNIKA IN PROIZVODNJA energetika
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2012
Založništvo: Oxford : Oxford University Press ; Milton Keynes : The Open University, cop. 2012
Fizični: XIII, 654 str. : ilustr., portreti ; 27 cm