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ZDRAVJE medicina


Uredil: Behdad Shambayati

December 2013

Založnik o knjigi

Cytopathology provides a broad-ranging overview of the microscopic study of normal and abnormal cells, which embraces the latest imaging and visualization methods to study the structure of cells. The full colour presentation features over 400 figures.

Written with the needs of the biomedical scientist centre-stage, it provides a firm grounding in normal cell structure, and the abnormal features that are indicative of different clinical conditions. It also explains how screening programmes can be used to detect changes early, giving an invaluable opportunity for treatment regimes to be implemented in a timely way.

Oxford University Press, več o knjigi

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Cobiss ID: 14175542
Avtor: Uredil: Behdad Shambayati
Cobiss naslov: Cytopathology / edited by Behdad Shambayati
Postavitev: ZDRAVJE medicina
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2011
Založništvo: Oxford : Oxford University Press, cop. 2011
Fizični: XVII, 417 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm