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BIOLOGIJA ekologija

A world without bees

Alison Benjamin, Brian McCallum

Julij 2014

Založnik o knjigi

A third of all that we eat, and much of what we wear, relies on pollination by honeybees. So if – or when – the world loses its black-and-yellow workers, the consequences will be dire. What is behind this catastrophe? This book investigates different claims and counterclaims with the help of scientists and beekeepers in Europe, America and beyond.

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Cobiss ID: 1105809502
Avtor: Alison Benjamin, Brian McCallum
Cobiss naslov: A world without bees : [the mysterious decline of the honeybee - and what it means for us] / Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum
Postavitev: BIOLOGIJA ekologija
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2009
Založništvo: London : Guardian Books, 2009
Fizični: 298 str., [4] str. pril. ; 20 cm