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RAČUNALNIŠTVO programi učenje uporaba

3D printing projects
Toys, tools, and contraptions to print and build yourself

Brook Drumm

Maj 2016

Založnik o knjigi

In Make: 3D Printing Projects, you’ll:

  • Print and assemble a modular lamp that’s suitable for beginners–and quickly gets you incorporating electronics into 3D-printed structures.
  • Learn about RC vehicles by fabricating–and driving–your own sleek, shiny, and fast Inverted Trike.
  • Model a 1950s-style Raygun Pen through a step-by-step primer on how to augment an existing object through rapid prototyping.
  • Fabricate a fully functional, battery-powered screwdriver, while learning how to tear down and reconstruct your own tools.
  • Get hands-on with animatronics by building your own set of life-like mechanical eyes.
  • Make a Raspberry Pi robot that rides a monorail of string, can turn corners, runs its own web server, streams video, and is remote-controlled from your phone.
  • Build and customize a bubble-blowing robot, flower watering contraption, and a DIY camera gimbal.

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Cobiss ID: 14986398
Avtor: Brook Drumm
Cobiss naslov: 3D printing projects : [toys, tools, and contraptions to print and build yourself] / Brook Drumm ... [et al.] ; [illustrator Rebecca Demarest]
Postavitev: RAČUNALNIŠTVO programi učenje uporaba
Jezik: angleški
Leto: 2015
Založništvo: San Francisco : Maker Media, 2015, cop. 2016
Fizični: XVII, 263 str. : illustr., tabele ; 24 cm